West Mont Farm & Gardens 10-Year Plan

West Mont Farm & Gardens in addition to being home to 8-adults with disabilities also provides employment for 24 disabled adults. The Farm is also a community attraction with hundreds of schoolchildren and members of the community touring our greenhouse operations and petting zoo. West Mont also hosts Family Fun Day each September at the Farm, attracting thousands of people from throughout the community and tri-county area.

Visitors to Family Fun Day can enjoy a BBQ lunch and entertainment throughout the day and children can also participate in a wide variety of games and activities, and pick a pumpkin from the patch. This event has grown in popularity over the years and has become an annual tradition for many families.

Because the Farm is so popular, West Mont with the assistance of SMA Architects Community Studio and Native Stranger Landscape Studio have designed a 10-year plan that will see a lot of upgrades and changes over the next decade. Future plans include a maze with amphitheater, a new group home, new petting zoo, and gardens, a display of antique farm equipment, an orchard, and an indoor/outdoor event center.

Phase I of the plan will begin with Morgan’s Maze. The maze is dedicated in honor and memory of Dick Morgan who was a long-term West Mont operating company and Foundation board member. Highlights of the maze will include a variety of paths that will encourage visitors to explore and learn as they make their way to a central amphitheater. Benches with be strategically placed to allow visitors time to enjoy the gardens and scenery. The maze will offer a unique and educational experience with nature. If you are interested in assisting West Mont with this project or would like to learn more, please contact us at our main office (406) 447-3100.

Morgan's Maze

         Morgan’s Maze